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In severe cases, the quality of indoor air can be up to 100 times more polluted than outside air, reports EPA. So if the condition in New Delhi and Beijing has had you worried, the air quality of your own home should be a major concern for you; even a bigger worry if you use air freshners.

Air freshners do more harm than good

While they are really meant to liven up the rooms with their fragrance, air freshners – and even scented candles – do more harm than good. In fact, recent studies have found they contain phthalates that are known to affect hormones growth, which when exposed for longer can even cause cancer, and other just as serious diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma and respiratory problems.

Ventilation System

8 Simple tips to improve air quality of your home in 2017

Get serious about your health in 2017. Stride to make the indoor air quality better with these 7 simple tips-

1. Dust with damp cloth- Avoid dusting using dry cloth. Use damp materials. Mop and keep the floors clean all the time.
2. Install better ventilation- Install better and energy-efficient heating and cooling solution. If you already have one, get it checked by professionals to fix its minor flaws.
3. Get rid of sources of air contaminants- A simple solution to keep the indoor air clean is to get rid of the source of air contaminants.
4. Don’t smoke indoor-Have a strict no smoking policy in your home. Never smoke indoor and don’t let others do that either.
5. Maintain an ideal humidity level- Ideal indoor humidity level is around 45 percent. So maintain this using vaporizer, ventilator and natural exchange of air.
6. Have clean air plant- Plants are one great eco-friendly alternative to keep air clean in your home. So invest in rubber plants, palm trees, English ivy and more.
7. Be careful when buying cleaning products- Household cleaning products often includes toxic materials. So check carefully before you purchase. Avoid the old items; buy the latest cleaning products.
8. Take care of your parking space- Air in your car and parking space is just as contaminated. So don’t neglect them. Install HVAC system to keep the quality of the air clean and intact.

These are 7 simple tips to keep the air quality in your home top-notch. So decide today and take a New Year’s resolution to stay fit and healthy in 2017—a New Year’s resolution to keep the quality of indoor air clean.