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Ensure Good Ventilation in Car Parking Spaces to Avoid Health Hazards

Our safety and well being is not just about staying away from the polluted outdoors, we also need to have a strict eye on our surroundings. Yes, we are talking about the car parking spaces of the basement spaces of the buildings, which cause dangerous health hazards to us. Proper ventilation and sensors are very much needed to stay away from the danger of falling ill, and thus the authorities in charge should keep in mind so that the none feel suffocated and claustrophobic amidst the closed ambiance.

The formation of carbon monoxide
The odorless and colorless carbon monoxide might look harmless, but is actually the silent killer. Carbon monoxide formed at the garages and parking spaces can cause poisoning and even kill people. The symptoms start with stomachache, or headache and slowly turns into a life threat through serious flu and fever. The parking spaces do not have the equipments to monitor the detection of carbon monoxide, and hence the air we breathe become polluted with potentially hazardous contaminants.Ventilation in Car Parking SpacesThe closed parking space without any ventilation causes a clogged up state of being, and sometimes might turn out to be life damaging, as the harmful gases get stored up to pollute the fresh air completely. Through the smokes and gases emitted from the vehicles, the whole region becomes threatening to the well-being of the people present their, affecting their lungs directly though the air exhaled.

Must have proper ventilation at the car parking space
To avoid the risk of health damage at the parking spaces, the professional companies have been deployed by the homeowners and authorities of malls and other places. These experts have began to introduce the cutting edge technology of ductless ventilation system to keep the air of the car parking space fresh and clean, away from danger. This way, a modern and more effective way of ventilation and smoke extraction has been made possible by them.

Below are few of the merits of ductless ventilation:

a. Highly functional and comes in lucrative cost package.

b. The absence of ducts helps to do away with space or height constrains in the basement area.

c. The high performance jet fans are used to remove the polluted air full of carbon monoxide and other gases.

d. Energy consumption possible as the jet fans are switched on only when they are needed.

e. For cleaning the air of polluted particles, the Use of CFD (Computational fluid Dynamics) is maintained.

f. This is a completely environmental friendly way to keep the air at parking spaces pure and out of danger.

Thus, make sure to hire the leading service providers to introduce a high quality ventilation system at your car parking space for a better living.

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