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Choosing the Best HVAC System- The First Timers’ Guide

So after months of “yes or no” tug you have finally made up your mind that you NEED a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system at your home, office or parking space. Kudos! But before you make any hasty decision, there are a host of things that you must know, and we’re here to help. After all HVAC cost much higher than the typical (and ineffective) gas furnace; you don’t want to spend this amount on the wrong system, do you?

Types of HVAC Systems

If you’re contracting someone, you won’t need to worry about the types of HVAC systems exists and which one you should be choosing. But if you’re on your own, here are 4 types of HVAC system that you should know about-

1.  Hybrid heat split system– It compromise of two parts- outdoor unit and indoor unit. More energy-efficient and requires less electricity, it cost a bit more comparatively.

2.  Heating and Air Conditioning Split system– The most standard (common) type, used widely in residents.

3.  Duct-free split heating and air conditioning system– Highly preferred for all the business, industrial and big parking lot needs.

4.  Packaged heating and air conditioning system– Compact- perfect for small space- it offers solution to the multiple rooms in a single package.

Choosing the Best HVAC System

How to choose the best one?

Again, if you’re outsourcing good professionals to install the HVAC System, you can trust them to choose the best for you. If not, here are 5 ways to help you-

a. Brand matters– Yes, just like in everything, brand matters even here. A good brand would usually offer you good system at affordable price range. It would come with a definite warranty period and they would also offer technical support.

b. What size you need– Like mentioned earlier, HVAC system comes in many types. Their size varies, so do their heating, ventilation and air conditioning capacities. Which one should you pick really depends on the size of your room and its requirements.

c. Factor environmental impact– We have taken giant leaps in the tech world over the years. While few factored the environmental impacts of these ventilation systems few years back, today things have changed. There exist many eco-friendly alternatives; look for them.

d. Don’t go for the cheapest– Admittedly you have a limited budget, and want to save just as much possible when buying. But don’t go looking for the cheapest types; you will end up with the worst quality HVAC system. To say the least, they will work inefficiently and come without warranty period.

e. Look for warranty period– Always look for HVAC that comes with at least one year warranty period. Some brands also offer the option to extend the warranty at the end of the period. Given this option, pay few extra bucks and grab it.

So know your exact needs and pick the most perfect HVAC system. Or better dial professionals and let them help you in buying and installing.

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