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10 Easy Tips to Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

Living comfortably doesn’t only mean decorating your house to the best, with the best furnishing items, it also connotes having high quality air inside the house, even when windows are shut. The superior clean and neat air would keep the nasty ambience of the outer world at a distance, and doesn’t allow the potentially harmful elements to get contaminated. Proper ventilation is something which is advised to the homeowners, be it in the scorching summers or chilly winters. Having clean air around gives way to healthy and fit living, whereas toxic air is the root cause of different diseases through lack of hygiene.

There are few tips, which if followed would help you get surrounded with pure air inside home.

Neat and clean surface of the floor to be maintained
It is important to keep the floor of the house neat and clean to reduce allergens and irritants. The damp cloth will help you to get off the minute dust particles like pollens, dust mite etc, and the non toxic cleaning products like phenyls must be used to keep the floor germ free. This will help the air inside the home to be dust free and also control their pure quality.

The interior humidity has to be controlled
The dust mites and other germs breed more in humid air, hence keep the humidity between the 30 to 50%. You can use the dehumidifier to properly and effectively control moisture and allergens. The windows should be opened after you have completed taking a bath and also, there should not be any water leaks inside home.

Smokers should not light up inside
The smoke exhaled after taking a drag contains a lot of dangerous chemicals, and all of them contaminate the air indoors when someone smokes. If this has to be stopped, then ask the smokers to light the cigarettes outside.

Improve the Air Quality

Keep out the synthetic fragrances
Be it the detergent you use, the perfumes or the room fresheners, the gases evaporating from them are very harmful and toxic for health. Use natural stuffs like limes, baking sodas, or synthetic fragrance free products to keep the air quality fresh and pure.

Greenery helps to keep air fresh
The air filtering plans can be kept inside the home, around the balconies and windows as they help to eliminate the toxic agents. They act as natural filers to trap the bad quality air, and give way to good quality air, without giving way to chemical contamination.

The appliances have to be kept up-to-date
The electrical appliances, especially the kitchen ones like gas and ovens have to be checked and rechecked time to time, so that there is no leakage of gas which would add harmful particles to the interior air of the home.

Effective radon test
The radon problem is common for home interiors, and this colorless and odorless gas is actually harmful. Causing lung cancer, this is highly toxic, and hence you should make sure that the level of radon is not exceeding the limits.

Keep moisture minimized
Let not mold and mildew give way to more productivity inside your home, and hence the ventilation in damp and wet areas like bathrooms should be highly effective.

Timely renovation
The carpets, furnitures and covers like blinds, curtains thrive dust mites and other chemicals, hence they should be changed from time to time, to keep the air maintain its natural good quality.

Car parking ventilation
If you have a garage attached to the garden of the home, then make sure to have good ventilation around the cars, and for this you can contact one of the reliable and professional green ventilation solution providers.

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